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Legends of street and strip's Journal

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  2005.06.02  20.05

so what kinda cars are you into import tuners or classic muscle. personlly i am into both i love the raw power of a big block v-8 with a performance carb. and cam shaft. just the feeling as you sit there and just hear the pistons hitting at about 700 hp. but all so i love the power to weight ratio of these little imports the unreal take off of an all-wheel.Personaly i have both i have a 68 nova peaking at 985 hp and i have a 3000gt all wheel drive twin torbo. and my every day driver is a 96 mustang cobra it is the slowest by a long shot. i raced my other two also the gt gets the nova off the line but the nova leads by about 100 ft at the end. i have never put the gt on the track just the nova but the end may change cause i am about to put nos on my gt. i use it for the street i have new bomex style body kits and am about to put a new paint job on it right now ots straight primer.

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  2004.05.27  17.54


"If you need help with your HP, try installing the state of the art 9PC. Muffler Bearings byT.S.R. in your exhaust system. I hear all these cars going down the road making a racket and I think to myself, there has to be something missing to make that rattling sound. Well I found out what it was, it’s missing the muffler bearings."

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  2004.02.24  22.28